• Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate and Construction

The sector practice is focused on delivering custom solutions to clients. In addition to the classic accounting and tax advice, BDO has built its heritage upon- we also offer commercial consulting services to companies across the real estate industry.

Our expertise comes from a team which has cross functional experience, working with developer groups, investment consultants as well as funds. We endeavor to add a pragmatic dimension to solutions by combining our professional and technical competence with specialized industry knowledge.

At BDO, we provide the following services-

Corporate Finance

Finance needs of projects & developers depend upon various factors including project life cycle, type of asset class, risk profile due to nature of development, regulatory & economic scenario and overall capital structure of the developer. We enable our clients to identify & raise the most suitable means of finance – equity, debt or structured.

Core Advisory Services

  • We analyse project portfolio and create a strategic plan for developers venturing into new asset classes / geographies.
  • We formulate business plans to enable cash flow management, forecasting and budgeting. We also conduct periodic monitoring of the plan to flag deviations and understanding patterns to take corrective action.
  • We undertake feasibility study and best use assessment for proposed development.
  • We identify the most optimum transaction structure to minimize tax implications and enhance returns. We also assist with the related regulatory and procedural compliances.
  • We advise & support in the strategy formulation & commercial negotiation incase of disputes, partner exits or severance
  • We appear as independent expert witness for real estate aspects in arbitration matters
  • We aim to guide our clients through the implications of RERA and its associated compliances.

Investment Services

  • We conduct project specific / entity level financial and technical diligence pre investment.
  • We enable investors / financial institutions to manage risk of deviation, misappropriation and default through periodical monitoring & reporting of project performance across critical functions like finance, sales, construction & approval
  • We provide valuation services
    • To developers for project / business valuation to raise funds or sell stake
    • To landowners for asset monetization
    • To funds and financial institutions for a single asset / portfolio to comply with regulatory / internal requirements
  • We provide advice on the tax & regulatory framework of REITs

Transaction Management

We tailor strategies to suit landowners (corporates and individuals) looking to monetize or optimize their portfolios. We actively engage with the client right from vendor diligence, preparing collaterals, identifying partners, negotiations, to signing of definitive documents.