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India is one of the world's most promising investment destinations, with expanding opportunities and challenges that go hand in hand, businesses growing quickly to keep up with the economy, and the economy opening up to foreign players. Doing business in India is rampantly undergoing a paradigm shift driven by innovation, giving rise to new business avenues, and resulting in the disruption of stable markets. There is a paradigm shift in the perception of investors towards India, which resonates with the changing demands of India Inc. This transformation has made the transactions and M&A space volatile, competitive and far more challenging than ever before.

Each transaction and M&A activity needs to be structured appropriately, keeping the ever-evolving tax and regulatory considerations in mind. At BDO India, each mandate involves interactions with partners, who have extensive experience in working on similar assignments

How BDO India Can Help

Based on practical experiences, asking relevant questions to understand the need and desired outcome

Holistic advice on desired structure which meets commercial objectives, provides tax efficiency, compliant with applicable regulations as well as practically implementable

Act as one point of contact for successful implementation of finalised structure through co-ordinated and collaborative approach

How BDO India Can Help

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