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While evaluating a new market or attempting to make an international initiative work, advisers with knowledge and experience of doing business in that market is pivotal to navigating compliance and regulatory challenges. Having the right business advisors at your side, providing the right insights and knowledge when you need it will go a long way in achieving international business success. Our India-desks across countries, are cross functional teams of business advisers with expertise and experience in their respective markets. They leverage our global reach and local presence, expertise & personnel to propose unique solutions required for business requirements .

Every BDO firm, has an International Liaison Partner who ensures that each international client is abreast with geography-critical knowledge and other issues that affect strategic decisions. The country specialists at the desks alongside their teams and the International Liaison Partner, work to provide and deliver the right advice and assistance per the situations that arise.

For the key markets that present the biggest opportunities for Indian firms, we offer a comprehensive suite of advisory services through our India-desks in 4 major countries – the UK, the USA, Spain, Canada.

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