Promoter Restructuring & Succession Planning

Strategic solutions for safeguarding legacy and assets


Proper and well-thought succession planning is an important aspect for business entrepreneurs to ensure smooth passing on of business and wealth to the next generations in the desired manner. At the same time, ring-fencing of personal assets from business contingencies is an important aspect given the dynamic nature of business encompassing uncertainties.

At BDO India, we collaborate closely with promoters and their family offices and function as their trusted advisors, in restructuring the group as well as planning for the succession, keeping in mind the key objectives as well as tax and regulatory considerations.

How BDO India Can Help

The landscape of our service offerings encompasses the following:

  • Advisory and implementation of tax-effective succession planning for dissecting management from ownership while retaining reporting to stakeholders and devising tax-effective income pay-out mechanics for core family members/ beneficiaries
  • Promoter shareholding realignment
  • Tax effective consolidation of entities/ realignment of business through internal restructuring
  • Pre-IPO restructuring

How BDO India Can Help

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