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We offer a range of tools and applications to help organisations improve their litigation strategy and manage assessments.

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Our portfolio of services includes:


Tax Litigation - Digitised, centralised and intelligent tax litigation management

Organisations struggle with handling tax litigations including case management, proceedings, evidence, fines, closures and cost management. With an understanding of these challenges and our knowledge of the industry, our experts have developed ace technological solutions to enhance the management of litigation proceedings.

Designed for tax-based litigations and improvement of litigation strategy, our digitally secure platform provides stakeholders with a comprehensive overview for assessment of financial impacts. This application serves as a digital platform for handling all tax litigation-related processes like notices, replies, proceedings, fines and closures.

This is how our Tax Litigation solution adds value to your litigation process:

  • Centralised digital storage of litigation information
  • Differential workflows for direct and indirect tax matters
  • Estimation of financial exposure, liabilities and litigation cost
  • Tracking important dates and tasks with notifications and alerts
  • Reports and dashboards with a case history of all case files
  • Intelligent tagging and indexation of information/documents like case laws, circulars, notifications, etc., to disputed issues
  • Collaboration with tax consultants, counsel and lawyers
  • Access to regulatory tax content and case laws research, including tagging case laws and references with litigation cases, maintained in Tax Litigation solutions

Tax Research  - Researching and Tracking Case Laws

Finding specific and relevant tax information can be challenging, especially when conducting research. Additionally, tax research typically requires a significant amount of time and effort, and the pressure to meet deadlines for filing tax returns can further add stress to the process of locating the necessary information, such as case laws, etc., promptly.

Our Tax Research solution powered by TAXMANN© allows users to access an extensive database of case laws and real-time tax updates.The Tax Research solution is designed to ensure a seamless flow of information and provides:

  • Up-to-date information on amended statutes and case laws with headnotes
  • Integration between our Tax Research solution and Tax Litigation solution enabling users to track case issues and find relevant case laws on those issues in one place
  • Intelligent analytics to track the latest case laws based on multiple relevant filters (jurisdiction, section, etc.) and prompts relevant case laws to the users on their specific issues

Corporate Tax – Smart Corporate Tax Assessment Management with Digitisation

Calculating direct tax and assessing accurate compliance is a tedious and time-consuming task for organisations. A robust infrastructure is required with an efficient review process to ensure timely and accurate compliance. With years of industry-leading expertise and an extensive understanding of these processes, our Corporate Tax tool provides real-time access to information and is designed for managing tax assessment processes whilst enabling clients to easily maintain tax returns and assessment records.

Enabling better management of a company’s direct tax records, our Corporate Tax tool offers:

  • A digital platform designed to digitalise, centralise timely and provide in-depth analytics and timely notifications
  • Confidentiality while managing the entire tax assessment process
  • Reduced efforts of maintaining tax returns and assessment records, thus reducing the burden on personnel
  • Capturing and storing data in line with the Income Tax Return format and providing XML file for direct data upload
  • Generating predefined reports, and summary reports by assessment years along with sorting, filtering and summarising data
  • Workflow engine across the application to maintain control and manage processes more efficiently
  • Automated fetching of information from tax submission websites, ERPs and external portals via integrations/APIs
  • Integrating OCR technology for enhanced search and data analytics
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