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With the rapid advancement in technology, organisations are quickly adapting, transforming and automating their business processes and functions with new-age technology solutions. Digitisation and automation have become a necessity for organisations to increase efficiency and profits, along with better mobilisation of available resources.

Digitisation and automation of the tax and finance processes not only help improve transparency but also alleviate the undue burden and excessive dependency on personnel. It ensures timely compliance, cost optimisation and risk mitigation and helps in unlocking value with the help of technology. We offer an array of intelligent and sophisticated solutions that are designed to create a robust digital tax and finance ecosystem within the organisation.

At BDO India, our domain experts understand the challenges faced by organisations and have developed adept technology solutions to specifically address these challenges:

  • Lack of real-time analytics, insights and tracking of compliances
  • Slow or inadequate management reporting
  • Lag in timely and accurate tax compliance with accounting
  • Transactional data not copiously reconciled
  • Difficulty with tracking and managing tax litigation cases
  • Lack of dependency on key team members
  • Manual tasks and duplication of efforts, failing to leverage technology
  • Inefficient and outdated processes that can be addressed by automation
  • Overdependency on manual data management
  • Ongoing changes to regulatory and business activities
  • Unstructured workflows and approvals for compliance, accounting and data management
  • Delay in the exchange of data and communication with external stakeholders

How BDO India Can Help

How BDO India Can Help

Designed to enable businesses to digitise, automate and integrate their tax, finance, accounting and assurance requirements, our portfolio of products and solutions enables companies to pace their digital transformation agenda efficiently. The portfolio is designed to:

  • Manage compliances timely and accurately
  • Monitor and track compliance assessments, litigations and assurance risk
  • Decision-making and exceptional analytics
  • Integrate with ERP systems and other software tools
  • Reduce costs and provide real-time information to all stakeholders
  • Contribute to the environment by reducing/eliminating the use of paper


In today’s interconnected world, companies rely on several applications to run and manage their businesses efficiently. This, in turn, exposes them to data breaches and cyber-attacks.

We understand and recognise the importance of data security and follow a comprehensive security plan that covers all aspects of an application’s lifecycle, from development to deployment. Our solutions are equipped with a variety of security measures and controls, including:

  • 3-tier security architecture, segmenting authentication, authorisation and access layers
  • Security processes certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • TLS v1.2 enabled security structure
  • AES-256 encryption to defeat any sniffing attack across the network
  • Database hardening policies implemented to access data in the database by enforcing careful user roles
  • Firewalls deployment with DDoS protection tools before load balancers to ensure only genuine traffic passes through and prevents any network abuse
  • Periodic Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing (VAPT) from independent certified auditors
  • Deployed and built on ISO-certified Microsoft Azure platform.

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Bhavesh Ved

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