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Automating functions and data extraction to enhance business value


We offer a range of tools and applications to help organisations automate their tax functions and enable data-driven decisions using analytics.

How BDO India Can Help

Our portfolio of services includes:

Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions - Automating Critical and Recurring Activities

There are several tasks in the tax function which are repetitive and don’t require much intelligence to perform. Automation has become increasingly relevant in tax, as it helps in reducing and in many cases eliminating the need for doing these repetitive tasks which are currently done manually. This helps tax professionals focus on more important tasks. Automation can be used for a variety of tasks, such as data collection, calculations, reporting and compliance.

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable (AP) - Aims to completely streamline and automate the entire Accounts Payable process in companies by managing timely payments, reducing manual data entry and errors, and accelerating the approval process through automation. It can help businesses reduce errors, save time and increase efficiency in their payment processing, invoicing and financial reporting while allowing accounts teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

  • Invoice processing automation - Scans and extracts data from invoices automatically, reducing manual data entry and minimising the risk of error while also speeding up the approval and payment process. It also helps in enforcing compliance and preventing contract leakage
  • Workflow automation - Helps streamline the AP process by automating tasks such as invoice routing and aiding the decision-making process for payment processing
  • Real-time data and reporting - Provides real-time data to businesses on their payment and invoice processing, allowing for better visibility and control over their financial processes

Business Processes

Business Process Automation

Using various RPA technologies, we help companies automate various business processes and functions. A few of the automation applications include:

  1. Income Tax Notice – The Download tool that periodically checks for new notices on the Income Tax portal, downloads and uploads them on the document repository
  2. Form 26AS – The Download tool that automatically downloads TDS records for a given business and updates the records on the TDS/TCS Credit solution
  3. GST Notice – The Download tool scans the GSTN portal for new GST notices and updates them in the document repository
  4. Download 197, 206C(9) Certificate - Download 197, 206C(9) certificate, extracts data from the certificate and shares it with the ERP
  5. Compliance Check for Section 206AB & 206CCA - Compliance check to identify proposed section for TDS Section 206AB & 206CCA
  6. Airline Credit Recon Solution - Automating the airlines' invoices reconciliation for Input Tax Credit (ITC)
  7. Ledger Balance Confirmation Automation - Automates ledger balance confirmation from vendors and creates a repository of responses
  8. Bank Reconciliation Statement for Direct Debit - Direct debit reconciliation automation and creation of summary reports
  9. Data Transformation and Automation - Custom solution to automate the creation of productivity reports
  10. Matching of address for GST applicant - Verification and validation of electricity board details using G2G APIs for the address of GST applicant

Tax Data Lake

Tax Data Lake – Centralised Data Repository for Efficient Utilisation of Data

Our Tax Data Lake is a centralised data repository that stores all relevant source data in a denormalised format. This allows organisations and BDO India applications to get the most out of their available source data with various benefits like data analysis, reusability, data audit and many more. Our Tax Data Lake offers a flexible, cost-effective and scalable way to store and process data, enabling organisations to facilitate tax compliances, extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions by sharing the data only once.

The Tax Data Lake helps companies by providing:

  • Flexibility – Irrespective of the ERP adopted, our Tax Data Lake can connect with it and store a large volume of structured and unstructured data in multiple formats, thus eliminating concerns about predefined schema or formats
  • Scalability – Allows for horizontal scalability, providing organisations with the ability to store, process and analyse vast amounts of data
  • Real-time processing – Integrates directly with BDO India applications for real-time data processing, enabling businesses to process and analyse data in real time
  • Data exploration – Allows data scientists, analysts, and developers to explore and experiment with raw data, without worrying about data cleaning, normalisation, or transformation. Helps uncover new insights and patterns that were previously hidden in the data
  • Integration – Allows for data to be reused in other applications via integrations leading to maximum utilisation of available source data



With the digitisation of tax processes and the implementation of GST in India, companies maintain and provide transactional level data digitally. To ensure maximum tax compliance and efficiency, this data must be analysed and visualised on time to make better data-driven decisions which affect the company’s financial results.

Our Tax Analytics platform analyses large volumes of financial and tax data directly from the Tax Data Lake to identify patterns, trends and anomalies that can help organisations optimise their tax strategies, minimise risks and ensure timely compliance with tax regulations. The Tax Analytics platform can provide insights into tax planning, forecasting, compliance and risk management, helping businesses to make more informed decisions and reduce their tax liabilities.

The Analytics tools provided by BDO India are:

  1. Corporate Tax Analytics
  2. GST Analytics
  3. CFO Dashboard
  4. Vendor Analytics
  5. Finance Analytics
  6. Sales Analytics

How our Analytical tools can help businesses:

  • Tax integrated – Integrated with Tax Data Lake and analysis can be performed in T+1 days
  • Powerful reports and dashboards – Dynamic and interactive dashboards enable users to drill down into the information using guided navigation. Easy-to-understand performance metrics and reports, on-the-fly analysis of underperformance or disturbances
  • Tax liability insights – Ability to graphically view counterparty filing status. Identifies vendors consistently not filing their GSTR1 and highlights the companies ITC. Identifies IGST, CGST, SGST and Cess across multiple GSTN registrations to manage set-offs correctly
  • Digitised smarter tax function and efficient tax management – Tax compliance monitoring and tax optimisation improve issue identification and decision making, working capital and tax payment management, control of end-to-end compliance process and predicting earning, sales and tax impact

ERP Connectors

ERP Connectors  - Extracting and Transforming Data from ERPs Securely & Seamlessly

In today’s digital world, it is imperative for companies to implement ERP systems to digitise their processes. These ERP systems are designed to leverage technology to manage their business functions. Our ERP connectors enable the integration of a company’s ERP systems with our applications, thus enabling the development of a more complete and efficient solution.

Our ERP Connectors are a secure automated pipeline to transfer transaction-level data to our other applications for processing their data to fulfil tax compliances.

Our smart ERP Connectors benefit companies through:

  • Improved efficiency - Enables seamless communication between different software applications to significantly reduce the time and effort required for transferring data
  • Data transformation - Converts data from source ERP to the application’s required format using logic to allow seamless integration and data transfer
  • Low risk of errors - Helps businesses minimise the risk of errors and inaccuracies that may result from manual data entry
  • Increased scalability - Allows businesses to scale their operations quickly and efficiently by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the need for manual intervention. It also enables businesses to focus on more strategic activities and grow their operations without adding significant overhead

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