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Tax Calendar – Tracking and Managing All Tax Compliances

Our Tax Calendar is a comprehensive solution for users to manage their tax compliances more efficiently. The Tax Calendar is a secure web and mobile-based interactive application that captures all the relevant due dates under the direct and indirect tax legislations.The application is built to help a company track compliance requirements, compliance due dates, changes, or extensions in due dates. It also has provisions for planning and monitoring all tasks related to tax compliances, assessments, litigation and other activities assigned between tax teams and tax consultants. It can help with:

  • Easy tracking of deadlines – Entity-wise, industry-wise and legislation-wise lists of applicable statutory compliances and their due dates
  • Compliance status and dashboard
  • Task management and team collaboration
  • Timely notifications to ensure that deadlines are not missed
  • Integration with BDO India’s Tax and Finance Solutions.

Enable GST – India GST Compliance Solution

BDO Enable GST is our ASP-GSP GST compliance solution aimed at ensuring complete accuracy, tax analytics, custom solutions, confidentiality and comprehensiveness with smart compliance capabilities. This solution provides real-time analysis of potential mismatches, data reconciliation issues and other custom requirements of businesses in:

  • Transmission of accurate processed business data to the GSTN Portal
  • Intelligent validations and business rules processing
  • Ability to interpret large volumes of data with accuracy & generate deeper insights
  • Scalable and customisable ASP technology solution
  • Adherence to data security standards duly endorsed by the GSTN and adaptability to the best industry practice.

ITC Reconciliation  - Robust Input Tax Credit Reconciliation Engine

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses during the reconciliation of Input Tax Credit (ITC) is the mismatch of data between their books and GSTR-2A. Our ITC Reconciliation solution helps businesses reconcile their Input Tax Credit (ITC) with the details provided in their GSTR-2A & GSTR-2B forms.

The application compares the ITC claimed by the business as per their books with the ITC available in the GSTR-2A & GSTR-2B forms generated based on the supplier’s GSTR-1 form. The application provides a summary of the ITC available, matched, mismatched and helps identify probable matches based on our proven algorithm.

  • Processes reconciliation of large volumes of data with accuracy and generates deeper insights
  • Helps businesses identify and rectify any discrepancies in the ITC to help them avoid penalties or interest charges
  • Mechanism that allows users to identify and claim ITC for the month on invoice level as per books or as per GSTR-2B
  • Mechanism to park unclaimed credits for future
  • Reports for businesses to keep track of their ITC reconciliation process

Remittance - Foreign Remittance Compliance and Process Management

Our Remittance solution provides a seamless digitised standardised procedure for processing and issuance of Form 15CB, Form 15CA & Form A2, ensuring timely and better compliance. The solution enables the user to enter the relevant details while remitting the payment which is then certified by a Chartered Accountant in Form 15CB with an accurate TDS rate and TDS deduction. The Remittance solution supports in:

  • Generating 15CB & 15CA certificates – Provision of the finalised XML/JSON file to upload at the government site
  • Suggesting the applicable tax rate in comparison with Income Tax prescribed rate and DTAA
  • Reducing turnaround time and robust approval process – Continuous and coordinated flow between the preparer and approver with the availability of auto emails
  • Providing a document repository with an integrated tagging feature ensuring enhanced searchability
  • Configuration that supports internal controls and processes with inbuilt, role-based, customisable, approval workflow

E-Invoice - Electronic Invoicing System Authenticated by GSTN (Goods & Service Tax Network) 

Our E-invoice solution offers an end-to-end automated platform to manage e-invoice compliances securely and seamlessly ensuring minimum changes to current processes while leveraging the right tools needed to comply with the new norms. The E-invoice solution supports in:

  • Real-time generation and cancellation of e-invoices
  • Reconciliation of transactions submitted through e-invoice, e-way bill and GST returns
  • Generation and downloading of digitally signed e-invoices with QR code in JSON/CSV/Excel format
  • Generation of multiple reports according to business requirements
  • Integrating and enabling the company’s ERP systems that have global instances, to automate the e-invoice compliance process, without changing core IT policies.

  E-Way Bill - Electronic Waybill for Movement of Goods Generated through GSTN

E-way Bill (EWB) is a cloud-based portal that provides a seamless workflow mechanism for the PAN India E-way Bill function and demonstrates the movement of goods while acting as a mechanism to track their movement. Our E-way Bill solution is designed as a microservice-based architecture, which makes the application highly maintainable and scalable and offers:

  • Intelligent business rule engine used for 100+ validation checks
  • Bulk generation of E-way bill in a printable format based on uploaded data
  • Efficiency in the generation of pre-defined reports, including reports generated for outward and inward supplies at a group entity, company and state level
  • Real-time listing of documents pending for update of transporter details or vehicle number or E-way bill generation

TDS/TCS Credit - Tracking and Reconciling TDS/TCS Credits

TDS/TCS Credit is a cloud-based application that provides multi-year reconciliation of Income, TDS credit and TCS credit as per books with Form 26AS. The solution enables:

  • Automation of Reconciliation Process – Auto-tagging of reasons for reconciliation and mismatch based on robust inbuilt logic
  • Determination of TDS and TCS – Identifying liable transactions and calculating TDS/TCS deductible/collectable and rates based on income
  • Data Processing and Validation – TAN-PAN mapping to build a correlation between records from books with records from Form 26AS. Tracking of TDS/TCS threshold limits and utilisation of lower deduction certificate information
  • Facilitation of Communication between customers and vendors – Sending intimations/communications and tracking responses
  • Compliance and Assessment Ready – Reconciliation reports along with reasons for reconciliation and mismatch which can be submitted to tax authorities during assessment proceedings. Data management for applying for a lower deduction certificate

Dividend Tax  - Verification and Determination of Dividend Tax

Our Dividend Tax determination application provides an end-to-end solution for evaluating TDS on dividend pay-outs and verifying the data provided by the Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA). The solution enables the elimination of manual verification of the dividend register, thereby reducing errors and improving efficiency. Dividend Tax determination application includes:

  • PAN verification of each shareholder
  • Clubbing of data of multiple demat accounts for each shareholder
  • Identifying duplicate entries
  • Determining TDS rate based on threshold limits and categories of the shareholders
  • Providing exception report in case of mismatch in data provided by the RTA
  • Providing output in the requisite format for filing TDS returns and Form 15CA-CB (in case of non-residents)

TDS on Expense - Determination and Reconciliation of TDS on Expense

Our TDS on Expense application provides a seamless digitised process for the management of monthly/quarterly/annual TDS compliance requirements. It helps in the early assessment of risks on account of non-compliances with TDS provisions under the Income-tax Act. TDS on Expense application can be used to:

  • Integrate with ERP to achieve automated data entry into TDS on expense application on a near to real-time basis
  • Determine ideal TDS/ TCS
  • Collate data and facilitate monthly TDS/ TCS payments and quarterly returns
  • Help with auto-tagging of reasons for Clause 34 reconciliation
  • Get compliance, audit and assessment ready

Direct Tax Compliance Application  – Tax Audit and Related Party Compliances

An audit is a time-consuming process where a taxpayer’s accounts and financial statements are critically reviewed to ensure that they comply with Indian tax laws. Our Direct Tax Compliance Application is a web-based tool that assists businesses in managing the reporting requirement of Tax Audit and Transfer Pricing Audit compliances. The application helps taxpayers to avoid penalties and fines by ensuring that their financial records are accurate, complete and in line with Indian tax regulations. Key functionalities of the application include:

  • Integrating the data obtained from ERP and managing the reporting requirement of Tax Audit and Transfer Pricing Audit compliances
  • Rule-based engine designed to provide a clause-wise report with predefined tax logic
  • Maker-checker functionality on clause level as well as form level for an added level of review
  • Enhanced and proactive audit form preparedness
  • Automatic data extraction and generation of clauses eliminates the need for manual data entry, thereby minimising the possibility of errors and omissions and significantly reducing the number of countless hours spent managing Excel sheets, e-mails and manual procedures
  • Streamlined work processes and increased collaboration between team members
  • Data integrity and control on the flow of information
  • Digitised repository of working papers/ supporting documents, etc
  • Summary dashboards and quick stats to check the status and completeness of clauses

GST Audit – Preparation and Management of Annual GST Audit

The GST Audit tool is envisioned to ease the process of a GST Audit, reduce the efforts and act as a well-structured repository for audit working papers. GST audit is required to be performed by all registered taxpayers whose turnover in a year exceeds INR 2 crore by filing Form GSTR-9C. Our GST Audit Tool provides:

  • Easy access to an auditor to view, update and record data
  • Maker and checker option to track and monitor approvals
  • Reconciliation of turnover declared in the audited financial statement with turnover declared in GSTR9
  • View “Pending” option to the audit manager for approval and view GSTR9C for Accept/ Reject. If rejected, it will go to the Auditor for resubmission
  • Tracks the engagement partner and signing partner for their approvals

E-Customs - Logical, Intelligent and Management Analytical Customs Data

With tax digitisation, more countries are shifting from periodic assessments to real-time or transaction compliances, which increases the load on an organisation’s tax department to timely and accurately report tax data. To avail of various benefits under the provisions of the Customs Law and Foreign Trade Policy, companies need to extensively adopt and upgrade their technology, systems, and processes.

Our E-Customs solution is a cloud-based tool developed to manage transactional customs data to meet the requirements of various internal/external stakeholders. The E-Customs tool provides:

  • License Repository – License-wise tracking of duty saved, import and export obligation
  • Document Repository – Customs document storage and data extraction through advanced technologies with smart tagging, indexing and retrieval
  • Tracking Incentives – Utilisation of export and import refunds/incentives and drawback from Shipping bills and Bills of Entries
  • High governance and cost optimisation – Reduces manual effort
  • Recurring - Annexures for Drawback, Certificate of Origin and other FTP-related benefits
  • Dashboards and MIS Reports – Analytical dashboards and performance indicators on incentive utilisations
  • Automation and Integration – Exchange of data between applications, automatic reconciliation

Vendor Compliance and Automation

Vendor or Accounts Payable activities are no longer limited to finance functions. With the updated regulatory requirements, companies are also required to monitor the tax compliance of their vendors. Timely tracking of vendor compliance activities for payment release or block has always been a tedious and time-consuming process. With more compliances and penalties on its default, the onus is now on companies to timely track the compliance activities of the vendor.

The Indian Government has also started focusing on tracking Input Tax Credit claims vis-à-vis data available as per vendor’s compliance. To help businesses track their vendor compliances and facilitate end-to-end vendor management, we at BDO India developed Vendor Solution, a comprehensive solution to manage all vendor-related activities automatically and efficiently.

Vendor Solution supports businesses with: :

  • Comprehensive Vendor Master – Common window showcasing vendor master details fetched from ERP, GSTN and shared by the vendor
  • Vendor Payment Decision – Input Tax Credit reconciliation status shared with ERP against vendor invoices for payment decisions
  • Two-way Vendor Communication – Option to communicate with vendors through a common portal and maintain their repository
  • Document Management – Data Extraction from PDF/JPEG/Excel/CSV along with validation, PO & GRN mapping for storage and reverse integration with ERP
  • Dashboard Management – Action centre, performance indicators, report customisation for providing high-level insights to management ITC Eligibility Tracking – Sharing the status of invoices with ERP based on credit available in GSTR2A or GSTR2B along with its reconciliation status
  • Integration, Controls & Configurations – Connectivity with ERPs and other GST/TDS tax tech tools for exchange of information & feature-specific configuration


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