Liquidity and Working Capital Management

Solutions for achieving short-term goals and insights into asset utilisation


Working capital and liquidity management have been at the centre stage of every business, which reflects the efficiency with which an organisation manages its short-term obligations. We assist lenders and businesses in monitoring and managing their cash flows, benchmark the operational matrices to a short-term plan and help achieve the same. 

Our deep understanding of the overall macro and micro economic environment is useful for our clients to mitigate short-term liquidity challenges and maximise operational performance. We assist lenders in monitoring borrowers as per the RBI guidelines, providing deeper insights into the end-use of the funds and how efficiently their borrowers can put their assets to use.

How BDO India Can Help

  • Liquidity & working capital review & optimisation
  • Performance management & operational improvements
  • Cashflow monitoring
  • Contingency planning
  • Short-term cash flow forecasting
  • Variance reporting and analysis

How BDO India Can Help

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