Outlook ESG Bharat Survey _ESG Knowledge Partnered by BDO in India

Committing to sustainability has become imperative for any organisation to evolve into a future-proof business. Organisations today, are required to be mindful that in order to build resilience and enhance stakeholder buy-in, it is important to embed an adept Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework into the business and empower and encourage their people to adapt to the principles of ESG.

To understand the drivers of India’s ESG agenda, the challenges being faced by businesses in the implementation of ESG strategies and the opportunities for businesses as they transition, Outlook Media Group in partnership with BDO India is launching an exclusive property – Outlook ESG Bharat. As part of this, we are conducting the Outlook ESG Bharat Survey that is aimed at understanding the corporate pulse around ESG in India, identifying drivers for ESG, documenting good ESG practices and sharing knowledge amongst stakeholders.

The findings of the study would be summarised and presented in the
Outlook ESG Bharat Annual Survey Report 2023 which would be launched at the
Outlook ESG Bharat Summit 2023

To capture the views and experiences of various stakeholders driving the ESG agenda in organisations, the study is structured into two separate surveys: 

Survey 1 : To capture the perception of Business Leaders on ESG 

Survey 2: To capture company-level imperatives and actions on ESG (ESG/ Sustainability specific professionals and leaders) 

We would also greatly appreciate it, if you could share the surveys with the relevant personnel in your organisation as well as relevant connects.

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