Thought leadership:

Lease Accounting - A new perspective

30 April 2019

A guide to Ind-AS 116

Ind-AS 116 has come into effect from 01 April 2019 and primarily focuses on principles of recognition, presentation and disclosure of leases. Ind-AS 116 replaces the existing standard on leases i.e. AS 17, Leases and is likely to usher in significant changes in accounting requirements for lease accounting primarily for lessees.

BDO in India are pleased to present a Guide to Ind-AS 116 Leases, as part of their Accounting Advisory Services portfolio, summarising the requirements of Ind-AS 116 in relation to the classification and measurement of leases from the perspective of lessees and lessors and compares those requirements to the previous standard (i.e. Ind-AS 17).

We hope you have an insightful read.