The Tax Post-A bi-monthly Indirect Tax Bulletin - March 2022

BDO in India is pleased to present ‘The Tax Post’ - A bi-monthly Indirect Tax Bulletin’ focusing on the world of Indirect Taxes, highlighting major trends across the space in India and globally, while also bringing forth practical views and experiences from our tax experts.

Presenting edition 11 of The Tax Post, spotlighting key industry trends:

Cover Story - After the Apex Court’s pronounced that officer of DRI is not a ‘proper officer’ to issue notices for demand of duty under the Custom Act, 1962, a two-pronged strategy is underway. The Cover story discusses the sequel to the Apex Court’s order that defanged DRI.

Expert Speak - Amendments proposed in the Input Tax Credit provision through the Union Budget 2022-23, will further tighten availment of credit of GST suffered on procurements. This amendment would necessitate further changes in the ERPs and the monitoring mechanism. The implication of this important change is discussed in this section.

In-Tales – The Insurance industry plays a critical role in an economy and deserves much attention from all stakeholders be it government, community and partners of industry. This edition, we are discussing the industry’s role, outlook, and the expectations from the Government, especially from a GST standpoint.

Decoded – Two High Court judgments have arrived at conflicting views with regard to refund/transition of legacy taxes. These decisions would impact many taxpayers especially, where there are gaps in the transition process and claim of refund. This is discussed in detail in this edition.

Global TrendsA curation of latest VAT/GST and Customs news from jurisdictions around the globe.

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