The PEriodical_The Quarterly Private Equity Newsletter-Q3CY22

Presenting the 16th issue of The PEriodical – Our dossier of information, focusing exclusively on the VC/PE industry. The Quarterly Private Equity newsletter reviews the PE/VC deals during the quarter, exits, fundraises, sectors attracting the most investments, etc. Each issue of the PEriodical highlights one key sector of prime importance to the industry, underscoring the trends, disruptions and growth that the sector entails.

The theme for this issue of the PEriodical is EMERGENCE AND RISE OF THE FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY SECTOR

In today’s world, the use of technology is inevitable as it is the fundamental pillar of growth and development. Although the financial services sector is one of the most heavily regulated sectors globally, the influence of technology is revolutionising the space, playing a key role in transforming its services and delivery. Over the past decade, FinTech as a sector has emerged and taken the centre stage as one of the most significant developments in the financial services industry.

In this issue of the PEriodical, the section ‘Across the Table’, includes views from the Founder of StockGro – A ‘Social Investment’ platform aimed at helping everyone master the art of Trading & Investment.

We hope you find this issue interesting and exciting, covering everything significant in the space for Q3CY22.

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