The PEriodical_The Quarterly Private Equity Newsletter-Q1CY22

Presenting the 14th issue of The PEriodical – Our dossier of information, focusing exclusively on the VC PE industry. The Quarterly Private Equity newsletter reviews the PE/VC deals during the quarters, exits, fund raises, sectors attracting most investments etc. Each issue of the PEriodical highlights one key sector of prime importance to the industry, underscoring the trends and disruptions and growth that the sector entails.

The sector in focus for this issue of the PEriodical is ELECTRIC VEHICLES INDUSTRY IN INDIA

With recent schemes launched by the central and state governments, new manufacturing hubs and a push to improve the charging infrastructure, there is a substantial shift in the e-mobility paradigm specially for two-wheelers. The burden of oil imports, rising pollution, and commitments to combat global climate change become the key factors motivating India’s transition to e-mobility. The Electric Vehicle Industry in India is growing at a fast pace and is expected to reach USD 150bn by 2030. Currently, the Indian EV market is dominated by a few traditional players, however, with the recent schemes launched by the Indian Government the industry is set to attract more global investment.

In this issue of the PEriodical, the section ‘Across the Table’, includes views of the CFO of GreenCell Mobility - a leading pan-India shared electric mobility player on e-mobility: Shared, Connected and Electric and its future in India.

We hope you find this issue interesting and exciting, covering everything significant in the space for Q1CY22.

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