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09 October 2017

Learning Solutions by BDO India, present focused training programs on IFRS and Financial Reporting for students and professionals in the finance and accounting areas. We help people know, learn, excel and rise in audit, accounting, tax and risk compliance matters.

11 September 2017

Businesses are regarding the compliance environment as a prism through which they view demands for greater transparency, that sees increasing numbers of countries implementing new Country by Country (CbC) Reporting documentation requirements and the need to examine the regime in a different light...

04 September 2017

Cyber risk is becoming increasingly diverse. Ransomware has become now the fifth most common type of malware, and the cost of freeing up computer systems from ransomware has tripled since 2016.1Organisations are continuing to spend up to four times more on insuring other company assets (e.g...

01 September 2017

The Income Computation and Disclosure Standards (ICDS), a new framework for computation of taxable income is effective from fiscal year 2016-17.

26 July 2017

Limited Liability Partnership (‘LLP’) as an entity offers not only the benefits of a partnership firm but also the status of a body corporate.LLP mitigates certain disadvantages of a partnership firm and a company while encapsulating the benefits of both legal structures. With Foreign Direct...

25 July 2017

GST which is perhaps the most significant and complex tax reform introduced in the history of independent India, ushers in a new era of tax administration and compliances.GST being a transaction tax, which subsumes most of the erstwhile Indirect taxes levied by the Centre and States, requires...

11 July 2017

India finally embraces GST on 1 July, 2017. This is a momentous occasion as GST is perhaps the most significant and complex economic reform undertaken in the history of independent India.GST is a value-added tax levied at the point of consumption on all supplies of goods and services within the...

28 June 2017

The last twelve months have heralded dramatic and unexpected changes in the political, business and economic environment. Shocks to global economics and trade flows – from the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union to the United States of America electing its most unconventional and...

23 June 2017

An expected credit loss approach will depend mainly on the quality and availability of credit risk data. A lack of historical credit risk data will make application of Ind AS 109 more challenging. Entity need to develop the information system which should be capable of getting this information’s....

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