• Other Indirect Taxes

Other Indirect Taxes

While the world of indirect taxes is complex and dynamic, the collections from indirect tax is a large contributor to government revenues, making it critical for compliance. The introduction of GST was a game changer in this world, subsuming many indirect taxes and mitigating the cascading tax effect. With a few of the taxes from the erstwhile regime still prevalent, it is important for businesses to understand the interplay between GST and such taxes. Frequent amendments to existing tax laws and policies make it imperative for businesses to keep pace with these frequent changes across jurisdictions in the country. Organisations are required to plan their business structures in line with their organisational goals, while also ensuring compliance to such laws and regulations.  

At BDO India, we understand the complexities resulting from compliance requirements. With a PAN-India presence, our team is poised to service clients across industries. Leveraging their experience and expertise, we assist clients in tax planning, compliance, and keep them up to date with regulatory changes and tax laws.