• iXBRL Service

iXBRL Service

At BDO our specialist iXBRL (Inline Extensible Business Reporting Language) team will support your business team to convert your Financial Statements into the appropriate XBRL format and undertake best practice and quality reviews.

  • Our team will take your accounts in whatever format you provide and then tag and rigorously quality check them ready for submission
  • Our service will include a test against the applicable gateway criteria to give the highest possible confidence that your accounts will pass the validation process first time
  • The only expectation on your staff will be to discuss/approve potentially contentious tagging decisions and give final sign off.

BDO has submitted more than 7,000 sets of iXBRL (In-Line XBRL) tagged accounts without error, including hundreds under the new FRS/IFRS tagging regime. We can provide assistance on:

  • iXBRL Tagged accounts that fully comply with the Online Filing requirements for your Company Tax Returns ahead of submission
  • Quality assurance that your Tagged accounts are in line with XBRL Specification Guidelines and the Tagging Regimes