• International Business

International Business

International business in its true sense is the exchange of goods and service across the globe, along with accessibility to newer markets and the movement of talent pool across various geographies. Globalisation has shrunk geographical boundaries for businesses to serve their customers across various national boundaries, while leveraging expertise of their local talent pool. In order to flourish whilst adapting to the local way of doing business, international businesses have to also keep an overall global perspective of their business. This era of globalisation has led to a surge of companies that now want to operate globally, looking for newer horizons, while focusing on the sustainability of their businesses and investor returns.  This has also ushered in the challenge of growth for businesses, and the progress and scalability of international business, is dependent on a company’s ability of being consistently innovative and competitive in the global market.  The survival of any company doing business internationally, primarily depends on its ability to understand the local market need and being able to navigate through the complexities of the local regulations and culture.

At BDO India, combining our global expertise with the local talent pool, we service clients with international operations and aspirations. Our ability to be agile through our global network and with an approach that focuses on efficiency and cost effectiveness, enables us to provide value driven solutions to our clients, to be able to achieve their international ambitions. With a focus on the needs of clients’ businesses and to be able to deliver value internationally, we have built Centre of Excellences (CoE), that houses industry knowledge and technical expertise, delivering highly skilled services to clients to help them grow.