• Listing support

Listing support

AAS can provide assistance in the preparation of financial to be included in the offer document. Team has relevant experience in preparation of consolidated / combined / pro-forma / carve out financial statements.

Through our extensive domestic and global network and resources, we are quite capable to assist companies for listing in India as well as overseas. We supported clients for AIM, London exchange, Nasdaq, NYSC, KLSE, HKSE and others. 

At the initial stage, we can help evaluate your financial readiness for an IPO. We can also help you assemble a team of key advisers, including the investment banker (who would advise on the corporate fund raising process), sponsors, lawyers and underwriters. 

Typically, we can help the client achieve the key milestones on the road to an IPO as follows

Before the Listing

  • Identifying and introducing suitable sponsors, lawyers, auditors, underwriters and other relevant advisors (if required by the client);
  • Conduct of foundation work to strengthen the company’s accounting record system, tightening its internal controls, improving operational efficiency, addressing problems and resolving issues that may affect the listing; and
  • Assess the most tax efficient listing structure.

During the Listing

  • From an accounting perspective, advice on corporate structure and tax planning for the proposed listing vehicle;
  • Preparation of financial and non-financial data required in the offering; and
  • Acting as reporting accountants during the offering, reviewing the profit and working capital forecasts as well as other relevant documents.

After the Listing

  • Advice on corporate governance, accounting and regulatory changes as a post mortem.