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  • Data Management & Gvernance

Data Management & Governance

Data Management is the cornerstone of a successful data analytics technology platform.  Any analytics solution and its outcome is as good as the data it is built on. Data management covers a broad range of data servicing, data enhancement and data enrichment techniques which prepare the data to be 'analytics ready'. At BDO India we understand the importance of data management and the value it brings to the analytics solution. Our data management services are based on encompassing framework of best practices which govern the approach to understand, transform and prepare data so that it delivers value-adding results in cutting edge analytics solutions.  Our 'Complete Data Management Solutions' is a suite of solutions crafted to give our clients complete confidence in their data. Brief details on the key offerings provided in 'Complete Data Management Solutions' below

Data Quality Assessment and Improvement: 

A unique solution offering which helps organisations gain complete insights into the data quality and data sanity. Our business focused approach to check data quality emphasises on a rule-based library to inspect the data masters and provides a score on the key aspects of data quality listed below

i:    Data Accuracy

ii:   Data Completeness

iii:  Data Conformity

iv:  Data Consistency

v:   Data Uniqueness

We complement the data quality report with a set of guidelines and recommendations to improve the data quality. The improvement guidelines are customised to each client’s key requirements and expectations from the data. We link the improvement steps and the expected outcome to critical business issues clients face in their operations. This is also linked with key business metrics so that clients understand and realise the return on the investments of the data quality improvement activities.

Data Governance and Data Standardisation: 

Data governance policies and frameworks form the backbone of a sustainable data analytics journey. Organisations need to realise the need for robust data governance practices which help in safeguarding data so that it is available to deliver the right business value at the right time. Our data governance services cover the following areas to help organisations identify the right stakeholders to ensure quality data continuum in the organisation.

i: Data Governance Council: Drafting roles and responsibilities of key data stakeholders as part of an organisation’s data governance council. We consult organisations on defining the RACI matrix for the data governance council and help in setting up processes to measure the maturity of the council in form of KPIs and metrics

ii: Data Governance Policies: We help clients draft data life cycle policies which ensure zero data loss as part of data creating, data modification and data archival processes. Our policies are well integrated with data governance council recommendations.

iii: Data Standardisation: Our data standardisation solutions help organisations derive business value from unstructured and non-structured data sources. Our standardisation procedures streamline different data formats into a consistent and unified data format. This is important for analytics data preparation as multiple data sources can create issues at the model development stage. Our  data standardisation solution uses a simple and lean architecture to convert disparate data files into a single readable file format.

Data Warehouse Development and Data Engineering

Our platform agnostic and vendor neutral data warehouse development framework focuses on the business objective to be accomplished and provides a guided set of rules to design data warehouses and data marts. Be it a top-down or a bottoms-up data approach, our data warehouse guidance framework is flexible to integrate into any approach and scalable to growing data volumes thus helping organisations realise quick tangible benefits from their investments. Our optimal design philosophy ensures that the to-be data warehouse is fast and quick in data querying and delivers high performance consistently.