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The GSTimes_the bi-monthly Indirect Tax Newsletter - January 2020

24 January 2020

BDO in India presents The GSTimes, our bi-monthly newsletter on the world of indirect taxes. The GSTimes aims to cover the impact, GST has had on various industries, whilst also touching upon recent developments from around the globe. Each issue of the newsletter focuses on one sector and features an eminent face to explain, how the adoption and adaptation of GST, has impacted their daily business activities. It further provides answers to various sector specific issues that are frequently raised amongst professionals.

Sector in Focus for this issue of the GSTimes is – Real Estate Sector

The Indian real estate sector is one of the most developing sectors of the Indian economy and plays a significant role in contributing to the economy of the country. Change in lifestyle and growing demand of commercial and infrastructural needs have provided the necessary boost to this sector. However recent changes in the tax law have significantly affected growth but it is expected that initial disruption caused by these changes would soon settle down.

We hope you have a good read.