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17 May 2017

Accounting Policies are the base for preparation of a better financial statements and documenting these policies in a comprehensive manner. Policy manual is a must to have document in today’s environment, which narrows down the gap between technical guidance and its implementation in spirit.BDO...

17 May 2017

India is undoubtedly one of the most favourable destinations for ambitious businesses looking at fast growth. According to BDO’s last Global Ambitions report, a quarter of UK CFOs are planning to increase their existing investment into India, and one in ten is planning to enter the Indian market...

17 May 2017

Reputation Management with key stakeholders is paramount in the best interest of business and organisational relationships. But reputation may be lost due to various fraud risks such as an internal employee stealing confidential data or sales force being involved in price fixing or conflict of...

17 May 2017

Valuation advice requires the right blend of analysis, experience and professional judgement. Our professionals possess extensive delivery capabilities, deep financial and valuation – related knowledge and robust industry expertise. We offer an integrated approach combining global best practices...

17 May 2017

India, as a country, is one of the most promising investment destinations worldwide with growing opportunities and associated challenges, businesses pacing to keep up with a rapidly growing economy, and the economy opening-up to international players. Doing business in India is rampantly...

17 May 2017

Most businesses spend countless hours managing internal finance and accounting functions that can often detract from what they do best. To help businesses re-engage with their core functions and free-up time for other important activities, many of the finance and accounting processes can be...

17 May 2017

With increasing number of cyber attacks, enhanced use of mobile devices, e-commerce reliance & high cost of data leakage & destruction; it is important for organizations to establish adequate processes, conduct periodic assessments, invest in technologies for monitoring and protection of their IT...

17 May 2017

Businesses are increasingly expanding across the globe, making use of the opportunity and assets each location has to offer. With that expansion comes the challenge of moving people. International assignments and secondments have become pivotal to the success of global organizations. This makes...

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